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SPORTIQUE products are created for and by physically active people. Formulated especially for the demands of any sport, your sport, our products are as pure as competition itself. Bodies in motion want to stay in motion and SPORTIQUE echoes that demand. SPORTIQUE aims to be as unique as you are in your own sport, however you define it. Whether it be running, skiing, surfing, hiking, martial arts, bodybuilding or picking the kids up from hockey practice, or if you are mechanic, farmer, or contractor, SPORTIQUE products are as versatile as you are. Your body can only function at its full potential when all of its basic needs are met. A healthy diet, plenty of exercise and the purest of skincare products will take care of the basics, the rest is now up to you. Our mission at SPORTIQUE is simple; to provide you with only the purest as possible products formulated with natural ingredients, free of petroleum or synthetic ingredients, which can be potential carcinogens or toxic to your body. We use botanicals and naturally moisturizing oils and nut butters, ingredients we would feel safe using on our babies or even eating. We don’t use any products from an animal source, in fact, we leave animals out of the process altogether as we refuse to test on them. Of course, our products are rigorously evaluated and have been awarded certificates of compliance with the strict European Union's hypoallergenic, microbiological and effectiveness laws and regulations. The remedies we rely on have been used for hundreds of years by our ancestors who turned to nature to ease, soften and soothe their skin. We continue to re-discover and implement the benefits of time forgotten, but proven formulations, incorporating herbs, botanicals, essential oils and minerals. SPORTIQUE does not pretend to impose any new miraculous cures or pretentious philosophy. We simply have a desire for a good, harmless and healthy lifestyle.