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Kool Stop

Kool Stop, established in 1977 and specializing in manufacturing quality rim and disc brake pads for most bikes. Road brakes, V-brakes and cantilever brakes are all covered within their range, along with brakes pads foreveryday use they produce a soft compound 'Salmon' colored brake pad for wet weather use. All compounds are rim friendly and are formulated at Koolstop to ensure the highest standards. Dual Compound: Patented process blends two top compounds into one brake pad for better braking, longer pad life and less rim wear. Black: A Standard dry condition compound . Silver, Red, Yellow and Blue: An all condition compound available in an assortment of colors. Salmon: For extremely dry, wet and muddy conditions. Green (Z Chromium): Ceramic rims are great for reducing heat build up on the rim surface but the heat generated during braking on ceramic rims can be brutal on the brake pads. Heat kills brake pads and that is why Kool-Stop developed the Z-Chromium green compound. Not only does it last much longer, it has better stopping power Carbon: Carbon rim friendly compound for carbon rims.