Best Selling Hutchinson Gear


A player inescapable present in the two-wheeler tire market, Hutchinson has earned its reputation owing to the technical sophistication and to the great performance of its products.
Hutchinson, your best ally on any type of ground
An involvement at the highest level of competition
Whether it be in the hot pursuit of competition or a leisure ride, the Hutchinson name and bicycling are old friend. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Hutchinson Tires have accompanied the greatest cyclists down the road to championship and through different events such as the famous “Tour de France”. New products and concepts are the fruit of lengthy research and technological development in partnership with professional test riders. Thanks to this collaboration, Hutchinson guarantees the high quality of its tires.
Innovation: the way of development
Relying on its know-how and capacity of innovation, Hutchinson is in position to offer wide ranges of tires designed to suit all uses.
With an excellent command of mixtures, Hutchinson can offer the best product in term of performance, grip, resistance and riding comfort.
The Tubeless™ revolution
The Tubeless™ concept is an example of the Hutchinson know-how. The Tubeless principle results from a longterm collaboration with technological experts. This tubeless tire is now shaking up the world of road and mtb riders.