Best Selling Hiplok Gear


All Hiploks are designed for maximum portability while offering the best security possible for purpose. From the unique belt-like fastenings and reflectivity of Hiplok wearable chain locks, to the slim profile and integrated clips of the Hiplok D-locks, the small design details make a big difference to the enjoyment of your ride. Stringent in-house testing and vigorous development processes, result in quality locks which riders around the world can trust in. If you love your ride, protect it with Hiplok.

Hiplok was founded by two British Industrial Designers and cycling enthusiasts, John Abrahams and Ben Smith.

Ten years on from graduating, while working in the cycling and design industries, John and Ben had the same issue - how to carry a secure bike lock without taking a cumbersome bag or needing to attach it to their bike or themselves in a damaging or unstable way.

Taking inspiration from bicycle couriers, the pair tested their wearable bike lock concept from the Californian canyons to the streets of London - the original Hiplok was born.

Today Hiplok offers a full lineup of bicycle security products and although the Hiplok team has expanded, Ben and John are still very much at the forefront of the business, particularly when it comes to designing, developing and bringing new innovative products to market.

Hiplok has been born out of a passion for riding bikes, both for fun and for transportation. This is a passion shared by everybody at Hiplok.