Best Selling Gusset Gear


We thought a little background might be of interest so here it is...
“Gusset was founded in the summer of 1995 by two riding friends Paul Sorrell and Jason Mills. It started as a little project printing t-shirts, hoodies and a product called ‘Hookers’ that were replacement springs for Pit Bull brakes.
Although the pair had great plans for the brand they found that at the time they didn’t have the time or money to take the brand as far as it could go, Jason was busy with a band and Paul was out of work at the time. The opportunity soon came along to pass the company over to Ison, both partners had known Lloyd and the team at Ison for some years and felt that with their contacts and distribution network that Gusset would be in good hands.
Paul can now be found racing Masters in the U.K 4 cross series and Jason also competes in masters, racing BMX.
Jason now owns a bmx/skate shop called Hardcore Hobbies (est 1999) who are proud stockists of Gusset products.” Jason Mills.
Since these early days, Gusset has developed into a multi discipline company. The MTB jump market was evolving quicker than the companies within it could make suitable products; Gusset stepped in to fill the breach. Quickly gaining a reputation for making bombproof parts, the range continued to grow and now includes a varied range from beginner level parts to pro spec components made with premium materials. A particular favorite are the Pigmy crank arms made with Reynolds 853 tubing, a metal so tough it forced the factory to acquire new tools. The tubing blunted their existing tooling when making initial samples. I’m sure they were pleased...
Gusset has always been run with a light heart and a sense of humor. This allows a sense of freedom when it comes to product development and in particular colors of products. The best example being the flouro colored Slim Jim pedals and Bastard grips. Insanely popular, they have sold through in enormous quantities both in the UK and abroad. If you want a psychedelic flashback bike, we’ve got you covered.
Along with our established product areas, the Gusset R series product area is being extended to offer a wider choice of high performance Racing products.
plus our NEW range of robust performance products for the Fixed wheel/Courier riders – built with our BMX and DJ knowledge.
Currently, we like to think that the company retains the original ethos that it started with, parts developed as the need arises. Making bikes work better is at times extremely taxing, but it always pays off. There’s little more rewarding than getting the call thanking you for making a bike work better than ever before, putting the smile back on the rider’s face.