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Flatlines is a British designed and manufactured product, born from a need to deliver greater comfort from an elastic shoelace. We have used silicone because it is a versatile material being highly durable and soft, it remains unaffected by extreme temperatures and is non-allergenic. Our silicone is engineered to provide the desired amount of elasticity and the necessary amount of support. While testing early prototypes it quickly became apparent that because the lace does not move freely through the eyelets, the tension could be set to varying degrees along the foot. These tensions are then maintained providing a truly custom fit time and time again without any further adjustment. Flatlines were created initially with triathletes and runners in mind but are suitable for anyone wishing to turn their lace-ups into slip-ons. Flatlines have teamed up with Julie Dibens this year. Julie is a former 70.3 and Xterra world champion triathlete and has already won multiple races wearing Flatlines this year; both short- and long-distance events. In Julie’s own words: “Flatlines elastic laces are the best laces I have used to date. They are by far the most comfortable lace system that I have used, which is becoming more and more important to me as I step up the longer distance triathlons. They also are strong enough to give you the support that you need to perform at the highest level.”