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The dhb brand was first born in Hampshire, England. The founders – d, h and b decided they didn’t want to just sell bicycle gear but they also wanted to be involved with every aspect of it’s design and development. Five years later, with international expansion all products are still ridden extensively by the in-house R&D team in the local South Downs region.

Getting out and riding is the core philosophy of the dhb brand. We want people to be outside riding doing what they love most. The dhb range of cycling apparel and accessories aims to engage all levels of rider - from novice, to triathlete and competitive sportive rider. We have worked with skilled technicians and factories across the globe to bring ‘our’ kit to ‘you’ - the enthusiast.

dhb has experienced phenomenal success in the United Kingdom, and over the past years our reach has extended through Europe to fellow riders in Japan and Australia. The new branding for dhb is a turning point marking our increasing energy for our brand. With more cyclists spinning their wheels every day, dhb will continue to provide kit that offers technical, elegant solutions, with longevity for your best rides.

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