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DAKINE CHRONOLOGY 1979... - Rob Kaplan begins manufacturing the DAKINE Leash in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii. Maui's reputation for great wave conditions is the catalyst for this location. The leash is designed for rigorous Hawaiian conditions and sets DAKINE's standard for innovative design and high quality. Pro windsurfers then asked Rob to help build foot-straps for their new wave boards; the formula of top pros and the most rugged conditions becomes DAKINE's trademark for product development. The company then develops the 1st adjustable foot-strap, seat harness, and waist harness defining them as the leading innovator in technical windsurfing accessories. DAKINE then opened its North American office, manufacturing facility, and warehouse in Hood River, Oregon. Hood River is the outdoor recreation capital for North America. Besides being the center for mainland windsurfing, it has world class mountain biking, kayaking, kite boarding, and hiking. DAKINE then committed itself to the snowboard market with board accessories, board bags, and gear bags. The company would become the world leader in this market over the next 15 years. 2004- DAKINE celebrated its 25th Anniversary! DAKINE prides itself on developing products for the top professionals in every board sport. DAKINE has built a reputation for innovation and quality for over a quarter of a century!